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Why your tour will be better with a Guide?

Aggiornamento: 14 apr 2020

We like to open our very new website giving you some good reasons to choose our tours with guides intead of a self-made tour.

the group is crossing fields between vineyards in Garda Lake area
A good guide is the difference between a good holiday and a great holiday

Our Guides feel totally comfortable on trails. They know them perfectly, every variant and if any of them can be closed. they are able to judge the best trails based on your technical skills and yous physical training. Everthing just fou your maximum fun!

Some easy advice can improve your fun at the beginning of tour
Our guides can teach how to have more fun and more safe riding your bike

Our Guides can give you easy advices to improve your fun and your technical level. These will let you take every moment on bike with safe and control

Any issue that can be you will be in the hands of expert people. They know everythig and everyone to solve any problem both technical and logistical. Everything will be easier with a Guide.

Happy group during an Finale Ligure Enduro Tour
Our Guides are fully able to fix any technical problem.

What's the difference between a good or greats holiday? In our opinion it's Particular. This is one aspect we take more care about. Our leaders can bring you in places where you can admire the best landscapes. They know where to take a break, may be in locations rich of shrm and history. They know all people producing the best foods and wines.

What's better than take a break in some ancient village?
Italy is full of places full of beauty and history. Be sure to find them!

Everything we talked about make the difference when we are considering your holidays. Let's choose your own personal tour!

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