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Hidden Porto Venere

Aggiornamento: 14 apr 2020

You always have to have a plan B for your riding weekend, although someone may wonder why you should have one.

There might be several reasons why the hours you planned to spend riding will have to be invested differently, the main is obviously a bizarre climate committed to show its proverbial unpredictability on your vacation time.

So in a few hours the trails become impassable, temperatures drop to winter level despite being late spring and your programs  seem less realistic.

storm on Porto Venere
storm on Porto Venere

mountain bike at Porto Venere
since trails becamo soon impraticable we just have to take a breakfast at harbour

While looking for other options, still clinging to the idea that you had rocked and raised the days that were waiting for you, reluctant to let behind helmets and guards,you must know how to turn the unfortunate case to a chance. 

If, instead, as we have experienced, the generator of experiences, careless of the adverse fate, the famous plan B, you have tried and chosen, then you can rest assured that the holiday will not fail to be a surprise that no weather can ever ruin.

Porto Venere landascape
Giacomo will lead you to discover amazing places

We are at Giacomo's place, a historic house overlooking the Gulf of Portovenere, a few steps from four special enduro style trails with a breathtaking view but, alas, clayey and impassable with the rain, a few kilometers away there are also the trails of Lerici that  plunge down towards the Gulf of La Spezia and around other two-wheeled tours that present the Cinque Terre from unique and spectacular angles away from the much more crowded beaches, now overwhelmed by the hoards of tourists.

The generator of experiences that I told you just a moment ago, Giacomo, is the eclectic landlord who makes available some parts of an articulated ancient property composed of several units distributed on terraces, dotted with olive trees and displaying corners expressly conceived for the coexistence and the meeting between the guests and all those who gravitate around the place.

the friendly mood in Tenda Palmaria

Giacomo is also a certified Mountain Bike Guide and can accompany you where on your own you will never arrive and especially in the least common way possible. You can agree with him both the rental of a mountain bike suitable for the land of the area and e-bike, solution that opens up to all the opportunity to enjoy fantastic views even without special training.

even if not on the best trails too much muddy, just the sun goes out we leave for tour

The house of Giacomo has no name for which you can find it only on Airb&B (click here and here) or Workaway (click here), International portal of exchange of services: you will exchange a few hours of your day to the care of olive trees and green property with the accommodation That Giacomo can offer you.

This kind of tourist service is much more widespread abroad than Italy: taking care of the trees of the property makes everyone more aware of the passion that it takes to maintain a place so pleasant. The hours spent taking care of the plants and the greenery are the same moment of conviviality and meeting among the people who are there. Often in the evening the guests gather at the tent Palmaria, the name of the island that fills the panorama that is enjoyed, for moments of sharing and exchange.

If you are bike traveller you can find Giacomo's house on "warm showers", website for those who are travelling on bike and need a place to rest and find people with the same passion who konw what bikers need.

We did not forget to talk about the beautiful trails of the area, the scenic rides that you can do on the seat of your mountain bike and not even the magical coupled Mountain bike-sailboat that Giacomo can make you discover, it's just that the most characteristic note , what must lead you to this place  is the peculiarity and the spirit of its  warmth.

f you can grasp this spirit we are sure that you will live a holiday full of meetings, experiences and certainly excellent mountain biking,... Weather permitting.

Porto Venere's trails map is avaible at Vertical Bike Park Porto Venere while Lerici's bike area map is at Lerici Bike.

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